Lacquer-painting is a unique painting technique in which the raw lacquer is cooked through many stages. It not only has a special position in Vietnamese art but also in the world art of the twentieth century.

Throughout the whole country, there is no better place for lacquer than the lacquer village in Binh Duong City.

With all our effort, we’ve become one of the members of the Executive Board of the Binh Duong Lacquer and Sculpture Association with the desire to develop traditional craft villages and bring the traditional beauty of Vietnam to international markets.

Looking at the lacquer painting we can see very clearly its specialties in painting techniques and materials: lacquer, embossing, color staining, grinding, eggshell, gold luster, silver shells, clamshell, nacre, etc. – somewhere flat grinding, somewhere rugged, somewhere expressing strokes, somewhere exposing the substance. All of them create an amazingly effective aesthetic appearance.