– Are the real products similar to the pictures on the website?

Answer: We commit that all real products are the same as the image on the website.

– On delivery if I’m not satisfied with the product can I return it?

Answer: If you are not satisfied with the product at the moment of delivery, you can return the product to the delivery officer.

– Is your pottery really Bat Trang pottery?

Answer: We is the largest Bat Trang ceramic agent in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, 99% of ceramic products are made from Bat Trang, the others are ceramics of other production facilities.

– Do you have a special package suitable for air transporting to foreign countries?

Answer: We have many products transported abroad like gifts, lacquerware, and Bat Trang tea sets. When you request, we will pack carefully and safely to transport by air.

– Can you accept orders in large quantities?

Answer: We have many years of experience in supplying products for large companies and partners in large quantities, especially on export markets, which will meet your needs.

– How do I know you have received money transferred?

Answer: We’ll call customers to let them know when the money has been transferred successfully and to inform them the delivery time.

– How to check whether the product is stocked or not?

Answer: Please contact us by phone 0903 309 989 or +84 8 6281 1183 to get the correct information. – How do I contact customer care? Answer: For quick assistance, you can call us at 0903 309 989 or +84 8 6281 1183.